Jasło   is a county  town in  south-eastern  Poland  with about  40 000  inhabitants.   Situated   in   the   Subcarpathian  Voivodeship.  Jasło  is watered from the east  by  the  Jasiolka  and  from  the  south  by  the Wisloka, into which the Ropa flows,  so that from that point on these three rivers are continued to call the Wisloka. Jaslo lies in a beautiful valley,  233  meters  above  sea  level.    Patron of Jasło is                        Saint  Anthony  of  Padua.  


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  In 1945 after War

Jaslo was a town in  the  Cracow  district  of  Poland. The  Germans  occupied  the  town  on September 8, 1939, with a Judenrat being formed by the end of the year. A ghetto was formed at the end of 1941. The ghetto was liquidated during August, 1942. The entire town was destroyed by the Germans when they departed in the wake of the Soviet advance at the end of 1944. http://www.edwardvictor.com/Ghettos/jaslo_main.htm                ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  I am very glad to welcome all lovers of my city on my website. It presents my modest collection of old postcards edited to the year 1940. I left Jasło in 1967, in that time I did not know what is longing for my in which I was brought up and in which I spent all my best years. Now after 34 years I am elaborating a website devoted to my beloved city. http://www.kartki.republika.pl/eng/intro.html